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Calligraphy Biz Corner

Alane Gianetti, Shaochen Wu

Have you been itching to turn your creative passion into a business? You're in the right place! We're Shaochen and Alane, calligraphy biz besties who built our dream businesses from scratch, and we're spilling the ink on how you can too!

Join us on Calligraphy Biz Corner for biweekly biz chats, where we guide you through the maze of running a creative business, complete with real-life strategy and mindset magic. As two full time wedding calligraphers and business educators, we have over a decade of business experience working with hundreds of wedding, luxury and corporate clients, and we've mentored hundreds of calligraphers just like you. Together, let's uncover the business that supports the life YOU want and leave the overwhelm and imposter syndrome behind.

Get ready to hear our successes, stumbles, and insider insights -- we're here to give it to you straight and make your solopreneur journey less lonely by being in your corner! So come join the inner circle of two business-savvy calligraphers who've been there, inked that ✍️